3 Secrets to Selling Out Your First Online Course Launch

(Without needing fancy software, expensive ads, or a massive audience to get started!)


This is one you don't wanna miss! Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why most courses never get created, let alone launched — and how to get yours out into the world as quickly as possible
  • How to choose a course topic that's unique, viable, and primed for profit
  • The 3 emails to send BEFORE your launch starts if you want your audience counting down the days until enrollment opens
  • Two secret psychological hacks for getting people to join your course TODAY instead of waiting (in a totally cool & completely ethical way!)


This is NOT going to be your typical webinar.

I'm sure you've been to webinars where the host spent the first half talking about themselves and the second half talking about the product they wanted you to buy.

Ick. And so not my style.

I've jam-packed this webinar with 90 minutes of actual strategies you can implement in your biz to get REAL results.

So if you're ready for some fast-talkin', straight-shootin', course-launchin' goodness...

And you want all the latest launch strategies that are *actually* working in 2019...

Click the button below to save your free seat:  

"I love that Krista’s launch process is simple, structured, and realistic. She doesn’t overwhelm you or push expensive tools.  

Thanks to Krista, I don't just feel ready to launch my course, I know that I AM ready."

“I finally have a concrete plan for how to set up my course launch for success.

I'm currently in my beta testing phase and I'm excited to say I already have 5 interested students! "

Note: This is a LIVE virtual event on September 16, 2019. There will be no replays. Be sure to block off the time in your calendar when you sign up.

Meet Your Webinar Host

Hey girl hey! I'm Krista, the founder of The Content Boss and your hostess-with-the-mostest for our upcoming webinar.

I started creating courses in 2016 when I wanted a way to help more people without burning myself out on 1:1 client work. Since then, I’ve created 8 different courses, launched nearly two dozen times, and generated six figures in revenue with my courses and programs. 

And I can't wait to help you do the same!

Full Disclosure: I will be sharing a paid offering with you in this webinar. No, I will not spend 30+ minutes talking about it. I'll also be featuring one of the best fast-action bonuses you've ever seen on a webinar. Hint: If you want to leverage Instagram to launch your course, you'll wanna check this out! ;)

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