Tell me if this sounds familiar... 

You’ve been running your business for a while now, but month after month you’re barely scraping by and bringing in just enough money to keep the lights on.

You want to create a course so that you can stop trading time for dollars, but all of your course creation attempts never get past the "initial idea" stage.

Some of your clients are awesome, but others? Total nightmare. You can feel yourself heading into burnout just trying to keep up with their crazy demands.

With all of your 1:1 client work, you don’t have a ton of time to market your business—so you’ve been stuck at the same income plateau for longer than you’d like to admit.

It's a classic Catch-22. 

You want the income and freedom that comes with creating online courses so you can finally step back from #alltheclientwork… 

But you’re so busy with your client work that you don't have time to create and launch a course in the first place. 

If only you could find a way to make it work, you know your life and business would look drastically different.


You can imagine exactly what your life will look like after you create & launch your first course...

Because most of your income now comes from course sales, you only work with clients you absolutely love and happily turn away all the rest.

You take a real vacation with your family (one where you aren't cramming in client work every chance you get) and while you're relaxing, you're still making money.

You use the profits from your first big course launch to make a down payment on a house in your dream neighborhood.

You're excited to create and launch your first course, but you have a lot of questions…

“What would I teach inside a course?”

"Would anyone even buy a course from me?”  

"What am I supposed to write on the sales page?”  

“What if my course isn’t any good and people ask for refunds?”  

“What if I spend all this time creating a course and nobody buys it?"  

Creating and launching your first course can feel super stressful and overwhelming. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it’s easy to make some critical mistakes, fall off track, and wind up with a half-finished course that never gets off the ground.  

In fact, without guidance and support, you’ll likely stay stuck in the "initial idea" stage for years.  

That’s why I created my step-by-step program, Your First Course Launch. 


Your First Course Launch is a 6-week program where you’ll learn how to launch your first course without the stress and overwhelm, without paying for ads, and without needing to create a single lesson before you launch.  

Yep, I’ll show you how to get paid for your course BEFORE you actually create it!  

“I made back 18x my investment in YFCL with my very first course launch! I then went on to have back-to-back five-figure launches.  

This program is the next-best thing to someone literally launching your course for you. It’s a must-have for anyone looking for the blueprint to successful course launches.  

My favorite part was the sales page framework. I've tried analyzing other sales pages to "figure them out," but this framework made so much sense and was so easy to follow that I was able to write my sales page in under an hour!"  

- Alysha, Graphic Designer & Digital Product Creator  

"I was worried that YFCL would be too basic or only targeted towards bloggers, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The best part was that there were no secret loopholes and the course price didn't require that I sell my car!  

I love that Krista’s process is simple, structured, and realistic. She doesn’t overwhelm you with hours of material or push expensive tools.  

Thanks to Krista, I don't just feel ready to launch my course, I know that I AM ready."

- Liz, Branding & Marketing Expert  

Your life before online courses

  • You’re stressed every time you look at your business bank account
  • You wonder if this whole “trading time for dollars” thing will ever end
  • You’re either drowning in client work or stressing over where your next client is gonna come from — there’s no in between
  • You jealously stalk other entrepreneurs on Instagram who actually have the freedom lifestyle you thought you were signing up for
  • You feel a twinge of guilt when your kids ask you to play with them but you always have "just a few more things to finish up on the computer first"

Your life after online courses

  • You aren’t stressed about finding clients because you know you'll always have money coming in from your courses each month
  • When you don’t want to work with a certain client, you simply refer them to your course (and still get paid!)
  • You love knowing that you can help more people and make a bigger impact without having to work more hours
  • Evenings and weekends are actually evenings and weekends again
  • You use the profits from your course launch to take a family trip to Disneyland and make up for all the times you had to work instead of spending time with your kids  

YFCL is a complete, step-by-step system for launching your first course without the stress, all-nighters, and constant thoughts of "what the heck do I do next?".

Each lesson packs a serious punch by focusing on the power moves that will set you up for a successful and profitable launch in the shortest amount of time possible.

Here's a sneak peek at the course curriculum...  

  • Flop-proof your course with my Golden Rule for choosing a profitable, in-demand course topic
  • Identify your course’s secret sauce so that it stands out in a sea of samesies
  • Get the exact 3-step process I use to come up with unforgettable course names
  • Use the BB Cue Card Method to quickly and confidently outline your course in 48 hours
  • Learn the 5 things you MUST consider when choosing a platform to host your course on
  • Understand the art and science of pricing so that your course sells like hotcakes while generating maximum profits for y-o-u 
  • Use my pre-launch checklist to build up hype, grow your list with warm leads, and have your audience counting down the days until enrollment opens
  • Learn the two types of bonuses that will skyrocket your course sales 
  • Get an in-depth breakdown of sales pages that CONVERT (and write yours in a single day without having a mental breakdown!)
  • Use my exact to-do list for a super organized and wildly profitable launch, even if it’s your first time
  • Know what to do AFTER the cart closes to secure kickass testimonials and start profit-priming your audience for your next launch 

Course Bonuses

Extra goodies that come included with your enrollment:

BONUS #1 The Course Workbook 

Use this workbook to hash out your course ideas, plan your launch, and jot down your strategies and takeaways.

BONUS #2 Sample Launch Calendar

This calendar will take the stress out of launching by telling you exactly what to do, and when, at every stage of your launch. 

BONUS #3 Course Creator's Toolkit 

Access the exact tools I use and recommend for creating your course materials, launching with ease, and wowing your students.

BONUS #4 $10K in 5 Days Swipe File

Get the *exact* 9 emails I sent to my mailing list that resulted in $10,000 in course sales during a 5-day mini-launch.

Your online course journey begins today!

How long does it take to launch a course?

Honestly, it depends on you and your situation!  

The cool part about YFCL is that you'll learn you how to launch and sell your course before you create the course material. This is the best way to ensure interest in your course and actually get paid to create it.  

Most of my students are able to launch their courses within 6-8 weeks of joining the program. Others might take an extra month or two. There’s no rush and no deadlines because you'll have lifetime access to the program.

To get the best results, I suggest setting aside 1-2 hours per week to go through the course and implement the strategies in each module.  

There's never been a better time to learn how to launch your first course.

Starting today will allow you to:  

  • Make more money in your business than ever before
  • Continue growing your income month after month
  • Scale your impact beyond the limits of 1:1 client work
  • Become known as an expert in your industry
  • Create more time freedom and start enjoying your life more  

If you wait to get started, you’re only going to stay stuck in the endless cycle of client work & continue running yourself into the ground. 

6 months from now, you’ll wish you'd started working on your course today!  

How do I know if I'm ready to take this program?

You're ready for YFCL if...

  • You have knowledge and expertise you're excited to share with the world
  • You have an email list of a few hundred subscribers or more
  • You have an online presence (maybe a blog, a podcast, etc.)
  • You’re willing to put in the work to get the results you want  

You're not ready for YFCL if...

  • Your business is brand new and you don't have an audience yet
  • You haven’t set up an email list for your business
  • You don’t see yourself enjoying teaching inside an online course
  • You’d prefer to continue making all of your income through 1:1 client work  

Creating an online course will allow you to scale your income, impact, and freedom. 

You’ll be able to help more people, make more money, and spend less time working and more time living!

The choice is yours, babe.

You can keep chasing clients, hustling your buns off, and hoping that “someday” you’ll find time to create your course…  

- OR -  

You can use my step-by-step system to launch your course in the next 6 weeks and start making some serious money from it.  

Where do you want to be six months from now? How about a year from now?

Do you have a step-by-step plan to get there?  

If you’re ready to stop dreaming about passive income and actually make it happen, Your First Course Launch will be the program that changes everything for you.  

Your transition from services to passive income starts now!  

You can do this even if you're really busy and not super tech-y.

I don’t have time to create a course!  

With the strategies you'll learn in YFCL, you’ll be launching and getting paid BEFORE you create your course. From there, you’ll only need to set aside enough time to create and teach one new module per week. Totally doable!  

The tech seems super overwhelming!

It’s not, I promise. The tools you’ll be using inside this program are affordable, straightforward, and really beginner-friendly. In fact, if you have a computer with a built-in webcam and mic, that's really all you need to get started.  

I don’t have a big audience to sell to!  

I had my first five-figure launch with only 2,000 people on my email list, and in YFCL you'll learn the exact strategy I used. You’ll also learn how to grow your email list with warm leads in the weeks leading up to your launch.  

“I finally have a concrete plan for how to set up my launch for success. 

I'm currently in my beta testing phase and I'm excited to say I already have 5 interested students! 

If you want a complete blueprint that tells you how to launch a course without losing your mind, you NEED this course."

- Ebony, Wicca & Spirituality Educator

"Before signing up for Your First Course Launch, I'd already launched a course and made money from it, so I wasn't sure if I would learn anything new. I was wrong!  

YFCL is so simple — I love the short videos and workbook, and Krista makes everything really actionable and clear. 

I am now SO super confident about my next course launch, and I even made $800 by closing my old course and marketing it again!”  

- Lucy, Writer & Podcaster  

What happens when I enroll?

Step 1: You enter your information on the checkout page.  

Step 2: You’re taken directly inside the course platform.

Step 3: You can get started with the lessons right away!


1. Do I get access to the entire course right away?  

Yes! All of the course lessons, the workbook, and the bonuses are waiting for you as soon as you enroll. You can work through the course as quickly or as slowly as you like.

2. Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

Yes! As long as this course is around, you’ll continue to have access to it (and if it ever goes away, you’ll be given plenty of notice so you can download the materials to your computer). You'll also receive access to any upgrades I make to the course in the future.  

3. Do you provide 1:1 support to students? 

This program does not include 1:1 support. If you’d like direct feedback or extra help as you create and launch your course, you can contact me here to schedule a 1:1 session.  

4. Are there any other purchases I’ll need to make beyond the cost of the course?  

Honestly, no! You’ll most likely be able to create your course lessons using programs you already have on your computer (QuickTime, iMovie, Powerpoint), and the course platforms I recommend all have free plans.  

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! I’m Krista. I’m obsessed with helping entrepreneurs create more freedom in their businesses and white space in their lives.  

I started creating courses three years ago when I wanted a way to help more people without burning out on 1:1 client work. Since then, I’ve created 7 different courses, launched over a dozen times, and generated six figures in revenue from my courses and programs.  

I created Your First Course Launch to share all the things I *wish* I knew when I launched my first course. I made every mistake in the books so you don’t have to! I believe everyone can have a successful and profitable course launch with the right support and guidance.  

I’m super excited to see what you create inside YFCL!  

Your First Course Launch is currently closed for enrolment. Please check back soon.